We craft spaces that harmoniously balance volume and proportion.

A poetic assemblage of furniture, texture, colour, and light.
ARC.HIVE is a design studio dedicated to the creation of exclusive interiors for both residential and commercial spaces.
At the cutting edge of contemporary design, ARC.HIVE offers a rich combination of experience, innovative thinking, and refinement in aesthetics, where high concept meets sublime minutiae.
ARC.HIVE was founded in 2015.
In 2015, ARC.HIVE was born out of a profound motivation to redefine and broaden the limits of contemporary interior architecture, marking a pivotal shift towards embracing forward-thinking practices and fostering design innovation.
We believe in an all-encompassing approach to design that eschews conventional methods, allowing our clients to embark on a singular, creative journey.

We believe in the expressive and emotional power of interiors. Design – standing the test of time while evolving through time.